A flexible fleet for the modern consumer

As a transport company, we not only bear the responsibility for your goods but also for the environment . We are contributing this sense of duty with our fleet which always matches the latetest environmental requirements, because an environment treated with care is as important to us as your satisfaction.

Our longtime experience told us, that each new transport is a new challenge, because the conditions of delivery can always change. To correspond your needs we provide you our modern, standardized car pool (DIN EN 12642 Code XL). Here we aren’t only offering you the possibility of a fully loading of a cargo unit but also a part load in a vehicle of our fleet.

Since the customer should always have the choice , you can perform the loading of our vehicle flexibly and according to your needs. All our vehicles are equipped with an extendable loading height sideways and allow you to fully exploit the internal height and load your goods safely. In addition to this option, you can make the roof from front to back or vice versa open to provide a simple, fast and form-fitting loading by crane in each of our loading units.

In order to find the optimal delivery route and the eventual bypass traffic jams or construction sites , each vehicle is equipped with GPS. This not only allows timely delivery - we can also always tell you the exact position of your cargo.

You want to know whether we have the right vehicle for your cargo? Contact us - we are available around the clock and happy to help you !